All our rooms within Shannagh Bay are fully furnished to ensure our residents comfort. Each room has an en-suite and is equipped with a profiling electric bed including pressure relieving mattresses if required.
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Our Team

Alan Smith - Proprietor.
Shannagh Bay was established in 1990 by husband and wife team Alan and Pauline Smith. Alan, whose focus is on the financial aspect of the business while ensuring its constant development and refurbishment.
Pauline Smith - Company Director, Person In Charge.
Pauline, a trainee from St Michaels in Dun Laoghaire, has travelled the world nursing. Pauline continued her nursing career in Shannagh Bay and undertook the role of registered provider with husband Alan.
Melissa Smith - General Manager.
Melissa joined in September 2009 however would have spent many of her formative years working in the nursing home. Having graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management, Melissa gained invaluable experience through her travels and working within the hospitality industry. Following her passion, Melissa graduated with a masters in Human Resource Management from DCU and has now gone back to her role in the Nursing Home where she is the General Manager and is continuing the family commitment to the care of the elderly.
Daily Team
Our team at Shannagh Bay consists of approximately 48 members. Our team consists of a Provider Nominee, Person in Charge, General Manager, NMBI Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Activity Co-ordinators, Chefs, Kitchen Porters, Housekeepers and Maintenance.
Continuous training and development of staff is seen as a priority within Shannagh Bay Nursing Home. There are monthly internal and external trainings organized in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of our team members.

The current training schedule consists of the following:
  • Critical First Responder (CFR)
  • Manual Handling.
  • Fire Warden.
  • In-house Fire Evacuation Procedures.
  • Infection Control.
  • Occupational First Aid.
  • Challenging Behaviour.
  • Elder Abuse.
  • Dementia Care.
  • HACCP.
  • Basic Food Hygiene.
  • Dysphagia.
  • Medication Management.
  • Venepuncture.
  • Seizure Management.
  • Palliative Care.
  • Tracheostomy Management.
  • Continence Management.
  • Dignity and Respect through Holistic Care.
  • Train the Trainer Courses.